Groups & Activities

We offer a warm welcome to all who wish to worship in our Parish Churches which has found room for all who live in the parish, travel through it, visit, or come from near and far to worship here.  In addition to our worship, we have a number of groups and run many activities:

Young Christian Groups
Two groups, the younger one for age 2 – 7 years and the group for older children, age approx 8 years upwards are held at St Mary & St Giles church during the Parish Mass on Sundays (the children return to the mass during the Offertory). Other activities are organised throughout the year.
• Contact: Lesley Salter – Tel: 01908 567404

Squeals on Wheels (Parents & Toddlers Group)
A lively group that meets every Monday morning of the year except Bank Holidays between 9:30am and 11:00am in the Parish Hall at St Mary & St Giles Church.
• Contact: Lesley Salter – Tel: 01908 567404

Servers, Scripture Readers & Intercessors
If you are interested in participating in the Parish Mass then contact:
• Servers: Dick Martin at Church
• Scripture Readers: Kieran Salter – Tel: 01908 567404
• Intercessors: Sister Janet – Tel: 01908 562148

ALPHA Course & other Study Groups
We aim to provide the ALPHA Course twice a year.  Other Courses are held periodically to supplement this. Details are given in the Service Sheet & other Parish materials. All are welcome.
• Contact: Fr Ross Northing – Tel: 01908 562148

Pastoral Visitors Group
A group of volunteers who visit the recently bereaved, the sick and housebound.
• Contact: Pat Eales – Tel: 01908 565863

The Ladies Group
This open group meets at 8:00pm on the first Wednesday of the month for a varied programme which includes speakers, theatre trips, outings, and discussions.
Contact: • Hazel Wallis –  Tel: 01908 562323  • Jill Barby –  Tel: 01908 569245

The Fellowship
A group for our senior members who meet on the third Wednesday of the month 1:45pm – 3:45pm.
• Contact: Pat Eales – Tel: 01908 565863

Parish Singers
The Parish Singers meet at St Mary & St Giles church on most Fridays from 7.30pm to 9:00pm. All are welcome.
• Contact: Kath Hindley – Tel: 01908 562798

The Prayer Group
The Prayer Group meet on alternate Mondays at 2:00pm.  The venue changes each week.
• Contact: Ray and Jenny Rowlson – Tel: 01908 562853

Bible Study Group
Join us in the Parish Hall on 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10.15am
• Contact: Alan Shaw – Tel: 01908 321500

All Church members are welcome to join the ringers.  We ring in the Sunday Service, for special occasions, and when we practise we meet at 8:00pm on Monday evenings.
• Contact: Malcolm Hooton (Tower Captain) – Tel: 01908 565380

Handbell ringers
All aged 12 or over are welcome to try their hand at the ancient art of handbell ringing. The SMSG handbell ringers meet to practice in the Church School (in King George Crescent) between 6.30pm & 7.15pm on Wednesdays.
Contact: Lesley Salter – Tel: 01908 567404

The Band
A group for all ages who have attained Grade III or above. St Mary & St Giles Band holds occasional concerts and plays during the Parish Mass on occasion. The Band meets to practise in the Church  School (in King George Crescent) between 7:15 pm & 8:30pm on Wednesdays.
• Contact: Lesley Salter – Tel: 01908 567404

Church Cleaners, Flower Arrangers & Gardeners
A caring group of people who look after the domestic & practical needs of the Parish Churches.
• Cleaners Pat Gallaugher – Tel: 01908 563344
• Flowers Sue Starr – Tel: 01908 564453
• Gardens Tony Price – Tel: 01908 568222

Willis Pipe Organ Restoration and Music for all @ SMSG
The team organises a variety of events and activities to raise the funds needed to restore and maintain our 3 manual Willis Pipe organ.  The organ fund website gives much more information about 7 years of fundraising, the 3 year Heritage Lottery Fund supported project (2014-2017) and Music for all @ SMSG.

Church Restoration Funds
The St Mary & St Giles Restoration fund covers maintenance and restoration of the fabric of the building of St Mary & St Giles Church. Many members of the Parish family help with organising and running fundraising events, which include summer coffee mornings, Summer Cream Teas, concerts and Quiz nights.

Previous projects include the restoration of the Blessed Sacrament chapel, the repositioning of the font, redecoration of the Sanctuary and raising funds towards the completion of the new Parish Hall. The current focus of the fund is the Disabled access and Narthex project.

All Saints, Calverton has a Restoration fund which covers maintenance and restoration of the fabric of the building and churchyard of All Saints Church.  The annual Calverton Fete raises money for this fund.