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Interregnum news: 13 August 2023

Summary update

Firstly, as your current Parochial Church Council, we would like to apologise for the delay in voting on the resolution and finding a new parish priest.

Since the APCM in April 2023, there have been various issues with PCC membership and eligibility of some PCC members to vote in PCC meetings. We have been advised by Archdeacon Guy Elsmore to ensure that we rectify these errors before proceeding further with the vote on the resolution and appointing a new priest. The PCC was due to vote on the Resolution on 20 June, postponed to
18 July when a vote did not take place.

We need to do the following:

  • correct an oversight made by the Diocese regarding the number of Deanery Synod representatives we are allowed to have (3 rather than 4)
  • correct some procedural errors regarding the election of Deanery Synod representatives
  • potentially elect some PCC members as there have been four resignations from the PCC since the APCM, so we have a number of vacancies to fill

There was a delay in the Diocese notifying us about number of Deanery Synod representatives we are now allowed. As a result at the APCM in April, we apparently unfortunately did not follow the correct procedure for electing the Deanery Synod representatives because we appointed four (Bob Scarff, Anne de Broise, Jane Hardy and Mike Parsons) not knowing we could only elect three. This meant that at subsequent PCC meetings some members of the PCC could not vote. There has also been a change in the Vice Chair since the APCM.

Deanery Synod Representatives attend all PCC meetings and 3 Deanery Synod Meetings a year,
PCC members only attend the PCC meetings. You are welcome to talk to any member of the PCC to find out more of what is involved in being a Deanery Synod rep or an ordinary PCC member.

Once the PCC membership has been properly confirmed, we can take advice from the Diocese about facts and the implications of our decisions before voting on the resolution. After that vote takes place, we will finalise the draft Parish Profile and person specification so we can start the appointment process for a new Parish priest. See the background information on the journey so far if you wish to read the detail.

Interregnum news 13 August 2023